Tuesday, September 2, 2008

through necessity.

Yes I've been at it again
another bag...only through necessity thou
mum spotted my last bag today and as a result
she wanted one just like it.
of course when i got home i realized that i didn't
have any burgundy paisley print left.
so to the material stash i went..
boy i seems to have a mess there.
and after much sorting i found this combo.
much to my surprise i quiet like it and i somehow made the strap
a bit longer which suits me fine..
so I'm very much hoping that mum still really likes
the last one and i get to keep this one instead...
but of course i couldn't stop there
i have drawn a few pics of another doll
and last night i managed to sit down and try
and make one up that resemble my drawings.
yes she is faceless at the moment
as I'm trying to decide what to do.
and I'm really undecided which way to go.
as per usual the picture doesn't do her justice,
there are some nice double seams around her head
and around her coat that look every classy and
the colour is a lot softer in real life
but you get the idea anyway.

oh well knowing me she could be totally different by next time
or maybe the same?
edit....thought i would add a last minute sketch
that i had of the doll .i don't scan well (if you know what i mean)
but you can get the general idea.
sometimes i really wish i got past year 8 art..
i think i missed so much.
one day I'll have time and go to some classes and work out
how to make sometimg out of my ideas...


diana said...

Loving the new bags and dollies. I love the new dolly in her hat. It reminds me of a character from a disney movie, in her regal hat.

Kate said...

Cute sketcha and doll!

Suse said...

Love that doll's hat!

Ravenhill said...

The new bag is wonderful and I adore seeing sketches of project ideas! That doll is going to be super cute!
~Emily in Norway

Bellgirl said...

I love the colour of this little doll, and the hat which seems to be set at a slightly rakish angle. And beautiful bag!

Thanks for dropping by my blog, I've added your blog to my list and I'll drop in again!