Saturday, September 6, 2008

Kate and Samuel.

Voyage Told.

Kate loves Samuel,
Samuel loves Kate.
They sailed across the ocean,
to escape their mistakes.
Kate stole some bread,
Samuel stole a cow.
While living by the crown,
was hard to be around.

They both made their trade,
in a life now paid.
By the tears that were spilled,
their life simple yet fulfilled.
Children played, music serenade.
Hand in hand now they lay,
side by side each day.
They are now as one in dust,
Looking over their legacy we entrust.

Many renditions are told,
by generations that hold,
this couple as a keepsake of the past.
When you struggle through,
Love is always true.
An unassuming tale of the heart.

By Michelle…

this poem came about as little miss named my latest
doll "kiss me Kate" because she said the cross
on the mouth was a kiss...
it made me think about my ancestors "Kate and Samuel"
who came out together on the 3rd fleet.
and next minute i knew i was putting
this poem together in my head.
now I'm by no means a poetry buff.
I'm sure that anyone with any writing background
might cringe but i like coming up with these little poems,
and it keeps me happy.
so that's just how it is...

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Nikki said...

I love that little "kiss" mouth. Very cute dolly!!