Sunday, August 31, 2008

from basket to bag.

While it has been very wet and raining
for our last day of winter.
i decided to have another go at the basket pattern
and turn it into a shoulder bag.
it was so much easier to do the second time around
and i can think of lots of nice bags for summer
in the making.

i did each side slightly different
and a nice long handle to cross over my shoulder
so it doesn't slip off every time i lean over.
it has rained here so much in the past 24 hours that the creek
only 500 metres or so for our place, is already over the 2 metre mark.
unfortunately it is pitch black outside at the moment
so i though i would post a pic of last time it was that high so you can get a idea.
there is a road that runs parallel to the bridge and is about 2 and a bit metres
below the bottom of this bridge somewhere......

it's so amazing that by tomorrow it will have already reseeded
by more than half...and will be heading down stream...


Kate said...

So much rain! Great bag.

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

Great bag Michelle! Love its deep shape.

Hope the rain subsides soon - can't wait for Spring and warmer weather.

Ruth said...

I love the bag! Long straps that you can wear across your body are great!

Ruth xx