Friday, August 29, 2008

favorite plate.

this is one of my favorite plates
it's by J & G Meakin
and it's from the sunshine series
and called "lost horizon"
i really know nothing about it
so if anyone does could you leave me a comment
that would be great...
the detail is magnificent and I'm thinking it
was a war time series thing as there is the plane at the top
of the plate and the man in the picture looks
like he has a uniform on.
i think they would have been made
for displaying not using as square plates
would have not be that "in" back then.
that's not to say i haven't seen a lot,
because i have seen some really nice square ones but i really
don't recall my grandmother using square plates on a daily bases.

tonight i still have our fire going
and it is rather nippy to say the least.
if spring is in 3 days time i think it's having a memory
laps or something.


Cathy said...

Sorry,but I don't know anything about your plate - I just love it though. I love looking at things from that era. I am going to do a little research on it.

Betty Jo said...

That plate is so unusual, I've never seen one like it. Imagine the whole dinner set...Brilliant.

Sarah Nelson said...

The plate is from the 1937 movie "Lost Horizon" and I have been looking for one ever since I lost out on one on Ebay! You are SO lucky to have it! It's incredibly collectible....