Tuesday, August 26, 2008

comfort food?

This is tonight's dinner
fryed veggies on toast...
now I'm not a vegetarian but over the past 6 years
or so since I've ran our restaurant
i have a great appreciation for the good old veg...
i par cook mine in the microwave first
in freezer bags (speeds up the time)
but do remember to pierce holes in the bags!!!
it only takes about 3-5 mins depending on the size and type etc
i heat up some olive oil in a fry pan
toss in some wedges of onion then the par cooked veggies
add some chopped fresh mint and when almost ready
splash in some balsamic vinegar
serve on toast with feta cheese and more mint on top
this only takes about 10 - 15 mins from start to finish
now the reason i question why it's comfort food is that the strange
thing is i do tend not to eat when i have a lot happening
or "stressing me" at the time...
my oldest and dearest has flown the coup so to speak
(well he is 19 after all)
but of course like all sudden move outs it was due to a tiff, initially...
of course i drove down today and delivered the first of what will
be many a "mummy" care package, you know the usual
more towels, clothes, kitchen utensils,
and the stop off at the supermarket
bread, milk, noodles, chicken tonight,
flour, sugar, something to cook for dinner
for the next few days.......
I'm sure it was cheaper to have him at home!!!

plus this is one of many things happening in my life at the moment
not all of which are sad
some really exciting thing are happening as well.

but i think any mum's out there who have sons
realize that when they leave home something different happens
and that is because you feel that someone else
(namely a girlfriend or special life partner - can't discriminate)
will now replace you and when you have daughters
they seem to stay around, ask advise, show you what their doing etc.
(i suppose not always thou) but in most cases!!!
I'm not ready to be replaced
and as much as i know my son loves me lots
and cares about me even more
he is now growing into a man...
and one minute I'm so proud and the next i want to cry...
(i don't know i think I'm prattling now)

anyway its something i needed to just say...
thanks for listening it means a lot.


Kate said...

Yum - great vegie idea - looks really tasty!

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

As the Mother of a son, I emphathise with you (mine is only 14 but growing up way too fast!) Your quick meal idea looks great - can't wait to hear your exciting news...

diana said...

Poor you Michelle. Hope everything will look a little cheerier soon. I love a good veggie cook off too!