Tuesday, January 27, 2009

prizes and award

I was more than lucky
when I entered SARAH-JO'S
cause I won a gorgeous
tu tu
for little miss...
here is a pic from sarah-jo's blog
as it is in the mail
as we speak...
little miss will look soooooo
pretty in this...
I love reading sarah-jo's blog
as she seems so down to earth
and has great ideas for kids...
clothes, games and just because she is sweet
if you get the chance this blog is a must to follow...
Also i was more than
but very excited
on receiving my very first
blog award
from clare

clare gave me a bit of inspiration
with what to name
my lastest creations
they are now called...


do check out her blog as there are lots
of craft happening there...
clare has also been in a few great magazines
like Handmade and Homespun
so it was a very big deal
to me to get an award from such a popular girl...

And if you have had problems e-mailing me lately
I have fixed it all up
so e-mail away...


Diana said...

Congratulations Michelle on your award. I think you should have an oscar's like acceptance speech on your blog. I like the cowgirl's name and loving your three column blog. Must say I'm a fan of the three column, but it just about did my head in trying to get it all to fit and not be a big jumble. And html, what a nightmare!

clare said...

Yay Michelle congratulations that tutu is too too sweet . You deserve that award because your blog IS fabulous !
Cowgirl Clare .