Monday, September 15, 2008

Vintage Material...

today i decided i have been
getting of the beaten track a bit.
and thought i should sit down and at least
paint a couple of faces...
well of course once the face is done
i can't leave it for another day,
just waiting patiently for me.
no, it says, finish me...
so after looking at my very low material pile.
i spotted this fabric...
now of course i have know it was always there but...
this material was my grandmothers and is very "special"
and after a bit of convincing my self that the wee girls
don't use up much, i carefully arranged
the pattern as to not use to much.
it is after all original 50's fabric...
and feels so soft.
her legs are made out of felt!
i really like the way it worked..
this "royal sister" will not be for sale as you can imagine
but i thought i would share her with you.


Jedda said...

It takes a brave woman to use that 'special' piece of fabric...but it was worth it, she looks great!

Michelle said...

thanks jedda. i just gave it to my mum as a special gift as she had to go to hospital today...hopefully its just a bad case of the chesty flu.
i think she liked the fact it was out of her mums fabric thou.

Betty Jo said...

I justified using alot of my grandmas buttons in my work knowing she would have been happy to see them used by her grandaughter.
I love the faces on your girls, and that fabric is gorgeous.
I hope it brings good vibes to your mum.

Anonymous said...

oh this doll is gorgeous, I love your dolls, have been catching up with your blog you have made some beautiful things and scored so well at the oppy!!

Bellgirl said...

How gorgeous! Now you can have your special fabric as a special doll, even better than in your fabric stash!

what sort of paintdop you use for the faces?

Bellgirl said...

Ooh I've just noticed the specs- that's the icing on the cake! I have always liked glasses, my dad used to wear them, and I've been lucky enough to grow up with rather bad eyesight so I get to wear them too :)