Wednesday, September 17, 2008

This Month

I'm following a bit of a theme here and
thought i would include three things i
LOVE this monthabove is a pic from lino forest
i love all the wonderful creations Betty Jo makes
and the reason i wanted to post this mosaic
was the beautiful set of "flying ducks"
i so love them and this is on my Christmas list...
its amazing how she transforms this material into
pieces of art that are decorative and even
wearable like her brooches
check out her great blog here "lino forest"

above and below are my blackapple
prints that i now own
the "waiting room" print i was lucky enough
to buy on Emily's sale and cost me next to nothing
i have my eye on the next one i want
and then the wall will be complete...
Emily sells her prints here "theblackapple etsy"
Belinda has two as well
and i think we are both a bit obsessed.
and number three is SPRING
its about time it arrivednow I've noticed that everyone lawn needs a mow...


Kate said...

The only bad thing about Spring is mowing the lawn!

Betty Jo said...

:-) I love mowing the lawn, much more than any chore..especially ironing and vaccuming.