Saturday, July 19, 2008

quilting challenge.

Sharon from patchworkfriends is raising money for our local pre-school
and breast cancer by having a "quilts for a cure" competition
and exhibition at our RSL hall in october.
with 3 sections for quilts along with a
small items sections for cushions dolls etc.
yah thats sound like my kind of section.
you have to make your item from 70 %
of quest for a cure fabric so thats why
my new little royal is sporting pants.
very 50's i think.
not quiet sure if i'm going to stick with the
pink button i might change it to burgundy yet.
oh how i love burgundy.
i know you would have never have guessed.

On the home front i would like to thank you all for sending
me your mailing details so quickly
i can see your keen to get them.
i have mailed half already and the next lot will
be sent on monday.for all that don't live in nsw
i hope they don't take too long to
reach you.


A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

Great cause! Love the pant suit -very stylish!

Anonymous said...

Hey there gals, Just wanted to let you know that "Lilly" (named by baby floss) has arrived and has been quickly adopted - she is stunning!! Loved that special gift bag too - just gorgeous!! You have outdone yourselves, thanks sooooo much =)

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

Thanks girls for the gorgeous "Sally Sleeps Alot" pattern that arrived today! We returned to work and school this week so it brightened up our day! Thanks again!!

Sharon said...

Gidday Michelle. Doll looks great.

Sharon said...

Hello michelle. Doll looks great

Chookyblue...... said...

your doll looks great........will be interesting to see it all together........and what people have made...........