Tuesday, July 22, 2008


now I'm really not sure i can call these
just packaging cause they're to darn pretty.
but these are the new bags for the "sisters"
to arrive at there new abodes in.
it came from necessity as i couldn't find anything
that they would fit nicely into.
they are quiet long (42cm)
and any bags etc that you can find tall enough would
fit 3 of them in the width size.
they looked quiet silly swimming about in them
so i used the every fond of screen and made these up.
i will not say "whipped" as it took a lot longer than that.
but i love the result.
now i have only HOW many to make!!!


A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

Love the bag!

Anonymous said...

As I mentioned in my email - I LOVE the bags, such a nice touch and I am sure ours will be reused often as a tote for little Lily!!

Kate said...

Great bags!

Ruth said...

Certainly the most adorable "packaging" I have ever seen!
Ruth xx