Thursday, June 16, 2016

Selfie Slouch Beanie Crochet Pattern

Fancy a selfie! but your latest hairstyle is just not happening...

There's a quick fix, the Selfie Slouch Beanie.

Worn by many in my family, sometimes I wonder where it is!

This pattern I have used many times 
and thought it is long overdue to be shared with you all.

I love the soft feel of the yarn and the roomy oversized look...

I use a sledge stitch throughout most of the pattern,
which is very easy as you just put a 
Double Crochet and a Treble in the same stitch you are working.

The pattern is in English crochet terms.

Here is a PDF pattern image to zoom in on or simply 

drag it onto your desktop to keep in for further reference.
Perfect to wear on a cold winters morning while you whip-up a coffee or two.


Unknown said...

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Vicky said...

I am looking for a good beanie pattern and I think I have just found it. Thanks

Jagoda Smith said...

Great hat. Thank you for the pattern.