Thursday, May 10, 2012

Pattern Out...

The Granny Hoot Tea Cozy and Bag Pattern
is now listed 

After lots of late nights
and many, many photo sessions..
It is finished..
all 17 pages...

for all of her help
with proof reading and
Pattern testing...

I have included some lovely pictures that she has sent me
of her Granny Hoots finished...

They are just lovely!!!

 Don't forget to share all of your finished Granny Good photos
with me
you can even post them on my 

Now time to get back to my Kitschy Koala pattern...Oh..
and adding the bag conversion to that too...


vintage grey said...

Yay!! Thanks!! Can't wait to get it!! Have a great day,and thanks again for your beautiful pattern! xo Heather

Aussie Maria said...

Love, love the owls
But I will very patiently wait for Koala :-)