Friday, March 20, 2009

Want list

As the new season approaches
i have another fashion crisis...
What am i going to wear this season!!!
yes now I'm over 40
i can't really be wearing "that"
i say to myself...
but after a few good late night DVDs
i have decided that
black and a touch of cream
will be my new season wardrobe
yes i still would prefer
those darling outfits
from pride and prejudice
but like that will ever happen...
so after a bit of hunting i found a few items
that are within price range
and sort of not to hard to track down....This is a Sussan's top

this outfit is a bit out of my league
but i liked the colour combo
and is just for inspiration...

this top is from Katie's...
and might look nice on...

but the all-time pic are these shoes
they are from Mather's
and even thou i am truly hopeless
with shoes
(as no shoe fits my feet quite right)
and every season i have to buy one pair
of Colorado's and wear them till they fall apart
i will have to find a pair in store and at least try them on...
i owe it to them to give them a chance!!!

now all i have to do is save up...


CurlyPops said...

Those shoes are gorgeous!
If only I could walk in heels...
FYI - the pub my family used to own burned to the ground last week... spooky.

Selina said...

love the first top. hard to believe it's from Sussan! must go check them out.