Wednesday, March 25, 2009


i thought i needed a bit of sewing
to easy me back into reality
so a sally sleeps a-lot
or maybe it's the other way around?
maybe i have had too much reality and
some much missed sewing
is helping me escape...
whatever it is i do like the bold black and white of this one
and will be sending her over to "the little shop"
real soon...
when i was last over delivering
stock the owner said
"it's so amazing how you really "look" like the dolls you make"
well i do take that as a very big compliment...
but i hadn't taken much notice
but now thinking about it
i think i like to do the dolls the way i would love to look
the colours i like, or the hair style i can only dream of
not to mention the perfectly youthful skin...
(that would be a big bonus to have now)
but what it boils down to is
i just love making them...

yes i think it is called escapism..
got to love it!

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clare said...

So true thats what its all about .
clares craftroom