Sunday, January 18, 2009

dolls dolls dolls

Now i know what you will be thinking
with this little creation
"creative block-my aunt sally"
for want of a better term...
but i can seem to do my dolls etc...
but what i really meant to say
in my other post was i can't seem to come up
with the "under $10-00 cheap things"
you know the things that you need to stock
to get a few sales these days...
even at a market it is hard to get a $10 sale
at the moment and i can't see things improving
in the immediate future...
so dolls it is...for now anyway...
i will be looking into some sort of printing
of a collage when I'm "insanely" happy with it...
i know I'm a bit of a perfectionist at times LOL...
So here is Petra
and her little poem...
she comes complete with a head scarf
and crown...
so she can change to suit the poem...
and hopefully soon there will
be a prince charming...
Pretty little Petra
Cleans all day
Dreaming of her prince
To take her away.

Hale prince Hayden
Riding on his horse
Whisks our maiden
Off to a course.

There she learns
Etiquette and grace
In gowns of blue
Denim not lace

A lavish ball
Guests to greet
They danced all night
To each other’s heart beat.

Now with her handsome
Prince by her side
She’s a vision of beauty
A blushing bride.


PaisleyJade said...

Your dolls are so cute!!! Do you hand paint the eyes etc?

Sarah-Jo said...

She is striking!

Her eyes are amazing Great job!

clare said...

I think Petra is my favourite , so far that is .
Clares Craftroom

CurlyPops said...

She has such a pretty reverse applique sweet!