Wednesday, December 10, 2008

"my shadow"

We are wrapping up our year for home schooling...
in only a very short time doing it
"my shadow" can now read a book to himself
and is doing so well...
we don't have any stress and tears...
and i think the weight off his shoulders has now
lifted and he can actually learn things and they are sinking in...
we have spent the whole of his school life with
an amazing amount of anxiety, sickness, tears and more
and i kick myself all the time that we didn't do it sooner...
"my shadow" has been sick since really i suppose
before he was born and life can hand out hefty blows
but it is always so upsetting when there babies...
over the 11 years or so we have seen
and meet wonderful parents and children from all walks of life
and spent far to much time in hospitals
and as Christmas approaches i remember them all with fondness,
and wonder how there all doing...
and hope they are all doing as well as "my shadow"
our little guy turns 12 at Christmas
and i know that is a wonderful miracle
that we all only dreamed of coming truethis is a photo of me and him when we could take him home
unfortunately we had to take him back again
but it is a lovely shot because he has no tubes sticking out of his nose
we had to tube feed for 6months after that shot was taken
and so there are not many shots without it...
it will take me a bit to really go into it all
but i feel that there are still so many families
out there still going though it all
that it is hard for me to pretend it didn't all happen
and still isn't...

"our wonderful little guy"
was born with complex congenital heart disease
and has four open heart surgeries and so much other stuff
that i really choose not to remember...

All i can say is i love Christmas day as it means
"my shadow" is another year older
and he is with us...


Sarah-Jo said...

awwww happy birthday to your lilguy oops i mean big guy now!

what a lovely pic of the two of you

so glad to hear the yr has been a success and your boy is doing so well now

merry christmas

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

Glad to hear that your decision to home school has been such a positive one! Sorry to hear your son has had so many challenges to face already but wish him a very happy 12 th birthday and a wonderful Christmas.

Laurie said...

Many blessings to your family in celebrating twelve years together!!!

Bellgirl said...

What a beautiful story, to hear how well your grown-up boy is doing, and how you've found your way with schooling. Congratulations to you both, and happy Christmas holidays!

AnastasiaC said...

what a beautiful post - im sure Christmas day is so special for you guys, hope your little boy has a wonderful birthday! a lovely photo too!

Corrie said...

awww what a beautiful tribute to your little guy! so glad he's still with you and good for you for homeschooling...I would love to do that!