Tuesday, September 9, 2008

op shop bargains

went to the op shop today
and scored big time
got a Colorado skirt and a
blouse with a little ruffle front which
i think is a Myer brand.
and a very cute jumper that is a yarra trail
i can't believe it only cost $5 to fill a bag
(there on the right day of course) so to add i got
a nice grey waist length jacket.
i know a darling shot
but the best i could do with the timer on,
and putting it on the tank stand to get a pic.


A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

Great finds! It was very serendipitous that you found items that co-ordinate so well together.
Thanks for the heads up on the Following thing on Blogger. I will read up on it and add the widget to the blog.

Ruth said...

Wow! You found some great bargains there! They look amazing :-)

Jedda said...

Great job, not only did you find great clothes...for your self (I always end up with stuff for the kids) but in your previous post you found the best cowboy fabric Ive seen since 1978 actually it was probably that year. It would make a great bag or maybe cushion covers or even a little coin purse..Ill leave it at that. Nice finds.

Sharon said...

Great shopping. If you like to have a stall on the Quilt weekend you are most welcome. I have handmade items that will be for sale. These items have been made from the breast cancer fabric. But definitely bring the girls along.

Kate said...

Great bargains!