Sunday, August 10, 2008

This Month

Three things that make me smile!
i took a leaf out of linoforests blog and thought i would
post 3 things that are worth a mention this month.
the first is of course little miss having a birthday
i love the look on kids faces as they open there presents.
it is also my nephews birthday
so a big birthday kiss to him...

the second is our wedding anniversary
yes what only seems like yesterday
has been over 15 years
i loved our wedding day
the dress, the flowers,the location,
and of course our family that shared it with us.

the third is my little sister arriving home from america
it has been a long 5-6 years since they have been gone
and so much in there lives has changed
but at least her aussie accent is still intact.
edit : so sorry but the idea came from
spin spin
but do checkout lino forest as well
she has very funky handmade things...


diana said...

Happy Birthday to all the little people. I have two sisters and I can't imagine them being so far away. Hope you have a great catch up. Now on the wholesale biz. I completed a wholesale order for catbird gallery in Dungog and mentioned you guys as your dolls would look super sweet in her store. I gave her your blog address so hopefully you guys might share in the wholesale goodness. The woman's name is Helen Graham and her email is if you want to contact her yourself.

Michelle said...

thanks diana!

Betty Jo said...

Never mind about the mixup, I get a mention! But I will do a smiley post too! I had my 15th Wedding anniversary this year. I should post a pic of me as a bride, cause like you I was glowing. Thats what lurve does to you.xx Liz