Friday, August 15, 2008

Aunty cookie

where to start?
I'm so loving these little cuties.
after receiving the fab material from
my new favorite designer
i, begin the doll maker i am.
could not help myself but
take her wonderful design and inspiration
and turn it into a little treasure to hold.
of course this will only be for auntycookie and myself
as after all the true design is and will always be hers.this one in red is for auntycookie
as i know from many reads of her blog
that red is a favorite of hers.
she is now in the "safe?" hands of Aussie post

the burgundy is my little treasure
and takes pride of place in the house.
what i mean by this is she tends to get moved
around the house to where ever I'm plonking myself
its always so nice to find original things
and fabric is something that is so mass produced
that sometimes we think its easier to pop into
a shop and grad whatever takes our fancy at the time.
but if we took a bit of time and sourced creative designers out
it turns a good project into something that is not only
treasured by the maker but the designer of it as well.

i love making my dolls but i will admit
that usually i start and they turn out the way they want to.
but as i made these i felt a need to represent the true unique
quality of someone else's creation,
which while tricky made it so much more rewarding.
so grad some fabric that really "makes your day"
and start sewing....

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A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

Simply awesome Michelle! You have captured the Aunty Cookie spirit perfectly.