Friday, July 4, 2008

L'il Royal Jane's

" Two Little Royals "

This is the tale of Michael and Jane,
two little royals who loved to play games.
They looked alike but not quiet the same,
as you may tell by the sound of their names.

Michael a knight, Jane a fair maiden,
rescuing lands from dragons invading.
Happy and after and ever and more,
adventures abound, never a bore.

Stars come out rest your heads,
nannies here it's time for bed.
Read us a book nanny we'll be good,
the one about the prince who was turned into wood.
As pages turn and pictures missed,
it all ended happily with a princesses kiss.

Tuck the blankets now snuggle up tight,
fairy tale dreams throughout the night.
Goodnight Michael, Goodnight Jane,
see you in the morning for more of the same.

Here are our L'il Royal Janes, they are beautifully screen printed and backed in fabric that will delight the royal in your life. They will be up in the shop by Monday and be sure to check the blog on Monday when our new product will be shown and some exciting news for our readers,
Have a great weekend and Happy 4th of July to our American readers.

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Kate said...

Lovely little dolls!