Thursday, July 31, 2008


I think that Michelle underestimates her true 1930's value. I think that the 1930's is easy to glorify now and appear all peachy but i am so happy to be a 2008 full time mum and be in charge at home. We have so much more technology and assistance with our chores, all opening supermarkets and for some the choice as whether to stay at home. There are downsides to our lives in that there is no longer a sense of community in all areas and families are not always available to assist young families but all in all I love 2008 but with the 1930's apron, mixmaster and recipes, YES we can have it all.

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Anonymous said...

You are quite right!!! Some of us can even work doing what we love from home - what a time to be alive!! I love the choice to be at home and also do some work, to buy convenience foods and not have the house spotless all the time. The best of both worlds =)