Monday, June 30, 2008

very tricky.

i never realised how hard
screen printing can be!!!
and that's with someone else making the screen.
after pre-washing and ironing some new 'natural' homespun.
i went about getting the
surface ready(translation-ironing board,towel etc)
very glamorous (not)
then set to work, what no one seems to say is
just how sensitive these screens are.
after only doing around 6 prints i noticed
there was becoming a build up of paint
that was looking like it was drying on me.
so then i had to wash the screen out.
not once, not twice, but heaps!!!!!!
any drips residue etc can stuff the screen and effect all future results.
but apart from all that i love the results.
i wouldn't say that there are as perfect
as something that has been say printed
on a computer but they are pretty special.
Little dolls will be made from these very soon,
and be on etsy at a very reasonable price
so everyone can enjoy.
when our other project comes out
look out for a possible special 'birthday' giveaway..


Black Eyed Susie said...

Hey, this is off topic - I don't know anything about screen printing! I just wanted to say how much I love your dolls - especially the ones with the wee play fabrics - they're my favourites.

Skye Rocket Sews said...

Hi Guys,
To have you iteam displayed on your blog,go to your etsy mini,choose format them you will get a html code ,copy and paste it,on your sidebar of your blog in the hmtl(I think that's what's it's called.)It'll display the first and featured items from your shop.
Shoot me off an email,if you are stuck! :)

Kate said...

Great screen printing!

Vanessa said...

Love these little screen prints. They look really cute. By the way, if I buy the screens, would you do my logo etc; on some t-shirts and stuff for me when I get there, if I ever get there!!!

diana said...

Yep, very tricky. I haven't gone down that screenprinting path, but want to. I have a gocco that I been reving up big time. Your prints turned out great. Have you heard about the olive tree market that is starting at the Junction Public School? Starts in September. I was actually thinking about starting up a crafts market and these guys pipped me at the post. Sounds like a great market you should put your name down.

Spin Spin said...

Oh yes, the pain and joy of screen but unpredictable, but that's what makes the results special - it's never the same!