Wednesday, June 11, 2008

so much to do

We have had so many project in the making at the moment
i have had little time to sit and put out a post.
plus i would just love to say what they are but i have to wait until
they are totally finished.
hopefully i can let you all know of one by Monday
and the other one by the end of that week.
so I'm left to blog about the home front and that has been a bit exciting...
a new addition to the house hold
This is MILLIE
she is a jack russell x mini fox terrier
and she is so cute.
we had a jack russell called 'tib' for 17 years
and we have all missed her dearly.
its been 2 years since she has left us, and even though
little millie will never replace her it has been very
nice to have the company of a little friend
to cuddle and chat to.
but i will say i very much had forgotten about that 'puppy stage'

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